Future Congresses

2023 Italy
Chairperson: Antonella Dalle Zotte
Department of Animal Medicine, Production and Health
University of Padova Agripolis, Viale dell’Università 16
35020  Legnaro, PADOVA (Italy)
Email: antonella.dallezotte@unipd.it

Co-chairperson: Alberto Brugiapaglia
Email: alberto.brugiapaglia@unito.it

Co-chairperson: Marco Cullere Email:marco.cullere@unipd.it

Website: https://www.icomst2023.com/

2024 Brazil
Chairperson: Saulo da Luz e Silva
Animal Science Department 
College of Animal Science and Food Engineering/University of Saulo Paulo
Av. Duque de Caxias Norte, 225
ZIP Code.: 13635-900
Pirassununga/SP – Brazil
Email: sauloluz@usp.br
Co-chairperson: Marco Antonio Trindade
Email: trindadema@usp.br

2025 Spain
Chairperson: Maria Font
IRTA, Finca Camps i Armet s/n Edifici B
E-17121 Monells (Girona)
Email: maria.font@irta.cat
Co-chairperson: Pere Gou
Email: pere.gou@irta.cat

For more information contact
Contact Secretary:
Declan J. Troy
Assistant Director of Research
Director of Food Technology Transfer,
President Institute of Food Science and Technology Ireland
Teagasc Food Research Centre,
Ashtown, Dublin, Ireland.
Ph. +353 1 8059500
Mobile: +353 (0) 878530556
Email:  declan.troy@teagasc.ie
Assistant Contact Secretary: Róisín O’Malley
Email: roisin.omalley@teagasc.ie